Dress Code

At FetClub Bristol we aim to be as inclusive as possible, so whatever your fetish, whether that’s leather, rubber/latex, PVC/vinyl, pleather/faux leather, skinhead, uniforms of any type (except Nazi), camo/military gear, formal suits, zentai, lycra, sportswear/trackies, footie kit and trainers, puppy, furry, hoods/gasmasks, goth/punk, emo/femboy, kilts, nylon, sexy undies, jockstraps etc. is all allowed.

However, as FetClub is a men-only fetish wear event we do have to draw the line somewhere, and for us that means we do NOT permit the following:

  • Drag or TV
  • Adult Babywear
  • Female or doll wigs/masks

Footwear must be worn at all times.

If you’re unsure whether your particular fetish wear is allowed, please contact FetClub  before attending, or attend the event in your normal clothes to have a look around and speak to one of the organisers. We actively encourage this for those who have never attended a fetish event like this before, and we will do all we can to make you feel welcome and show you around. Just let us know if you’re a first timer.

Ordinary streetwear is ONLY allowed on your first visit. After that fetish wear is required. You need to show that you’ve made an effort, so turning up in your day-to-day jeans and a T-shirt and claiming a denim fetish is not enough. If you’re not in fetish wear after your first visit you will be asked to leave and come back suitably attired.