Code of Conduct

FetClub Bristol strives to provide a friendly and attitude-free atmosphere. Please remember that not everyone may share the same fetishes as you, so we request that you be open minded and respectful of your fellow fetishists. Who knows, you might find a new fetish to indulge in.

To protect the privacy of our members no cameras are permitted, nor is the taking of pictures using your phone. Anyone in breach of this rule will be asked to permanently leave. This is an exception to the ‘three strikes’ rule. If you would like a picture taken of yourself, please ask one of the organisers who will be happy to do so.

No nudity or exposure at the bar.

When in the play area remember that ‘no’ means ‘no’. Do NOT join in when others are playing unless invited to do so.

Wet play is only permitted in the Gents toilets in the pool provided. ‘Brown’ play is NOT permitted under any circumstances.

Smoking is not permitted within the premises, so if you go outside to get your nicotine fix please ensure you are decent and covered where appropriate.

No J Lube is allowed to be used on the premises.

No petrol driven lawnmowers under any circumstances.