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FetClub members:


FetClub Bristol is a membership only, gentlemen’s fetish wear social club for adults only. Its aim is to provide a monthly event with a friendly, attitude-free atmosphere where you can socialise and play with like-minded people.


Membership is required to attend our events and you need to provide your first name, last name and a valid email address through which you will receive FetClub emails. Please let us know if you’re aged 18-24, along with your date of birth, in order to qualify for our £5 if under 25 offer.


Membership is open to any male aged 18 or over. If you look to be under 25 you may be asked to show proof of age.


Membership is free and can be acquired by registering via email, or by signing up on the door the first night you attend the event. Please note that while membership is free, an entrance fee of £10 (or £5 if under 25) to each event is required.


Your membership card will be issued to you when you attend your first event. Please remember to bring it with you to each subsequent event as failure to do so may result in admittance being refused.


FetClub Bristol operates a “three strikes and you’re out” policy. Two official warnings will be given if you break the rules or are rude and insulting, and if it happens a third time then your membership will be revoked and you will be asked to leave, permanently.


FetClub Privacy Policy

1)Your information, security and consent.

By registering as a member of FetClub you consent to us securely storing the details you provided. Your information is not stored online and any files containing your details are protected.

You also consent to receive emails from us regarding upcoming club events. Currently we only send 3 emails a month and we do not have any plans to increase that amount.

We will not share your details and email address with any company or organisation outside of FetClub, or with other members of FetClub.

In the unlikely event that you wish to no longer be a member of FetClub, your information will be deleted from our records.


2)Your image, photographs and consent.

We do not permit the taking of photographs at a FetClub event except by one of the organisers. When taking a photograph we will ask you for your verbal consent to allow us to post your picture on any of the four websites we currently use, these are:

a)   The FetClub Bristol website (i.e. this site, under the gallery pages).

b)   The FetClub Bristol Facebook group, where only members of that group can view them.

c)   The FetClub Bristol FetLife.com profile where only other members of FetLife can view them.

d)   Twitter (@fetclubbristol)

You may withdraw your consent at any time by emailing us at admin@fetclubbristol.co.uk and telling us which pictures you would like us to remove.

Please note, we are happy to take your picture and provide you with a copy even if you do not consent for us to use it online.